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Backup Scripting for Multiple sets of Dimension Database Files

Follow the procedure below to create backup scripts for more than one set of Dimension Database files.

  1. Make sure all users exit out of Dimension.
  2. Stop the faircom.exe process using task manager.
  3. Click on the link below to create the DimensionDump12.txt script for the first set of Dimension Database files.
  4. Backup Scripting for Dimension Database Files in a Client/Server or Terminal Server Environment 
  5. Navigate to the C:\Faircom\eTkoServer folder.
  6. Copy DimensionDump12.txt to DimensionDump12-2.txt.
  7. Edit the DimensionDump12-2.txt script with the location of the second set of Dimension Database files.
  8. Open the file ctsrvr.cfg in NotePad.
  9.  Copy the line:
    • DUMP C:\Faircom\eTkoServer\DimensionDump12.txt   to
    • DUMP C:\Faircom\eTkoServer\DimensionDump12-2.txt
  10. Double click on the file, faircom.exe to restart the client/server process.
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  • 15-Mar-2022