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Addendums for Existing Projects
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Once a project has been taken off, the estimator may receive addendum plans for the project. Instead of starting over, the estimator can use tools in Dimension to keep the measurements where plans have not changed and modify the measurements where changes were made. 

The procedure below outlines how an estimator could handle addendums to a project.

  1. Perform takeoff for the original project.
  2. Backup the Project – Click File / Backup & Restore / Backup Project.
  3. Restore the original project – Click File / Backup & Restore / Restore Project / Navigate to the backed up project file.
  4. Append the name of the project with “ADM#” .
  5. Create a subfolder in the project’s folder named “Addendum #” .
  6. Download the addendum files to the new subfolder.
  7. Append the names of the addendum files with “ADM#”.
  8. Scan Addendum drawings into project – Click on Drawing Tab / Scan for Drawings Button.
  9. Perform Drawing Compare with original project’s drawing and the corresponding Addendum drawing –
    1. Navigate to the original project’s drawing that has takeoff on it.
    2. Click Drawing Tab / Compare to New Drawing Button.
    3. Once you have the drawings aligned, click on the Multi-Select button and select all measurements.
    4. Right click / click on Drawing Comparison / Move/Copy Measurements and Annotations.
    5. Click MOVE Measurements and Annotations and click OK.
    6. All of the measurements with their assignments will be moved from the original drawing to the addendum drawing.
    7. Navigate to the addendum drawing and modify the measurements and takeoff accordingly.

For more information on Drawing Compare, click on the following link: Advanced 07 Compare / Overlay Drawings

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