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Convert MUTI-page PDF files to TIFF files using PDFill PDF Tools

We have found that some PDF files are either too large or have a huge number of attributes associated with them causing eTakeoff to slow down or not respond.

To convert Multi-page PDF files to Tiff files before loading a project into Dimension, you can download a free tool known as PDFill PDF Tools.

Click on the link below for the PDFill Free PDF & Image Writer and download the "Entire PDFill Package".

Download PDFill Free PDF & Image Writer

Once downloaded,

  • Click on the PDFill PDF Tools (Free) icon on your desktop
  • Click on "Convert PDF to Images"

  • Navigate to the folder with the PDF files to convert and click on the PDF file to convert


  • Click on the TIF button
  • Click on "Single File with Multiple Pages" if you want 1 file with all of the pages in it
  • Click on "Save As Image" button
  • Create a NEW project in Dimension and select ONLY the TIFF files to load into Dimension.
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  • 27-Oct-2021