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CTree Error 12

Error Code Explanation: 

The program could not open the database file(s). Either the file(s) does not exist, the configuration points to an incorrect file name, or the file is locked by another process.


  1. Verify that the Server Data Folder path in the C:\Program Files (x86)\eTakeoff\RView\eTkoCnfg.exe is the correct path as seen by the server.
  2. Compare the data in the C:\Program Files (x86)\eTakeoff\RView\eTkoCnfg.exe on a workstation that is working to the same file on the client station that is having the issue.
  3. Test to see if the server's firewall is blocking the client. Turn it off temporarily and try to open eTakeoff on the client's system.
  4. If you discover it is a firewall issue, on the server, open the text file, C:\Faircom\eTkoServer\data\CTSTATUS.FCS and search for "Socket Port Number". Open that port # in your server's firewall.
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  • 30-Aug-2021