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Release 5.5-24

Enhancements and Fixes in version 5.5-24 (Released 8/23/2016)

  • Standards Security – Some organizations need to limits standards changes to select personnel then distribute the changes to other personnel. Standards in this case means standard Traces, Scales, Extensions, Bid Codes, Layers, Point Symbols and Work Breakdown Categories. This is done using Standards Security.
  • Multiple License Install allows new users to install licenses for Dimension and Bridge in one step.
  • Turn standards quantity display (Count, Length, Perimeter, Area) on/off. For measurements that just count, the length, perimeter and area are unused and probably distracting. Now you can turn off their display in the trace properties.
  • Unit of measure is displayed on total lines in the Measurement List.
  • You can add disconnected points to a measurement in Control Panel Measurement Summary.
  • When saving a new standard trace, if the trace exists, you can rename it.
  • You can now flip and rotate measurements by group. This preserves their relative positioning.
  • When favorite measurements are dropped to a drawing with a different scale, they are scaled.
  • Trace trees are shown in the Standards Export/Import selection dialog.
  • Rubber banding color can use trace line color
  • The drop-down list in the extra drawing window is now sizable.
  • There is an option to display the Easy Trace dialog when starting new measurements (on by default for new users).
  • Help button in the Easy Trace dialog to explain standard traces to new users.
  • Option under “Flip/Rotate Measurements” to reverse point order. This is useful for new users who inadvertently digitize areas counter-clockwise.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow detail scales with the same name in different pages of the same drawing.
  • Fixed a bug that when moving traces in the tree, the trace wasn’t removed from the old branch.
  • Fixed a bug in renaming trace tree branches.
  • Fix bug in control panel drawing list after moving drawing files for project.
  • Added link to the new Support Center to the Help menu.
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  • 14-Nov-2016