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Excel Add-in - Select Project Window missing

WARNING! This procedure requires editing the computer's Registry. Since the computer’s registry is so sensitive to all programs that run on the computer, we recommend that you have your system administrator or IT person follow the procedure.

To load project values into an Excel spreadsheet using the Excel Add-on, you need to

  • Open the Excel template
  • Click on the Add-ins Tab / eTakeoff
  • Click on the down arrow / Select Current Project

If the "Select Project" Window does not pop up and Excel acts like it is locked up, follow the procedure below.

The issue is that the registry string that corresponds to the location and sizing of the window has bad information in it. To resolve the issue:

  • Access the registry
  • Navigate to the registry folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eTakeoff\Dimension56\Preferences
  • Delete the “ExcelDlgPos” string

This change will set the location and window size back to its original default.

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  • 22-Sep-2022