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Release 7.0-2 - 7.0-4

Dimension 7.0 Major Release

Released 3/3/2021

New Features


Available for Premier Users with current Maintenance Agreement
A new patent pending technology that assists with takeoff measurements by ‘snapping’ to vector data inside PDF vector files

  • SnapAI Modes
    * not all SnapAI modes may be available when using 2pt line/rect or 1pt line
    • Snap Point – Automatically “snap” the measurement cursor to the nearest point on a vector drawing, with preference to end points
    • Snap Line – Automatically “snap” the measurement cursor to the nearest two-point line on a vector drawing
    • Snap Polyline – Similar functionality to Snap Line, with enhanced prediction to detect additional connecting lines when possible
  • Keyboard modifiers
    • During a Snap Line/Polyline measurement, hold down the space bar to force Snap Point
      * This is helpful when the PDF has multiple vectors in close vicinity with each other or Line/Polyline are not producing the results desired
    • During a SnapAI measurement, the arrow keys (left/right) and tab/shift+tab, move through the available snap modes


  • User Interface
    • Flicker-free drawing during all operations
    • Live object drawing during measurement creation/copying/editing/moving/dragging
    • Improved multi-select drag rectangle
    • Live drawing of legend while dragging
    • Added “Show last segment length” preference to Drawing tab
    • Double-Click
      • On measurement to zoom to measurement
      • While measuring to complete measurement
  • Favorites
    • Shows ‘objects’ instead of outlines when dragging into a drawing
    • Scales to drawing being dragged into
  • Close-up
    • Now restrained to inside visible drawing window
    • Stays centered around cursor
  • Drawing
    • Full support for PDF drawings with ‘Form XObject’ complex objects
    • Ability to use all SnapAI features with drawings containing ‘Form XObject’ vectors
    • Faster loading/unloading for complex PDF drawings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed drawing and state issues for 1PtLine/2PtRect/2PtLine modes
  • Work zones fix gaps selection bug
  • Complete the working measurement before starting work zone fix gaps operation
  • Fix drawing refresh issue after COM ‘hide assigned’ calls
  • Fix Quick Takeoff rubber banding drawing issue

Dimension 7.0-4 Minor Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed object move/copy position bug

Dimension 7.0-3 Minor Release

Bug Fixes

  • Work Zones Show/Hide refresh issue fixed
  • Favorites
    • Scale correctly when dropped into scale detail
    • Detail scales when dropped now works properly
  • Scale detail/rotation issue fixed
  • Copy/Move
    • Multi-select not keeping move/copy bug fixed
    • Do not allow copy/move over scale details
  • Explorer double-click (open) on Dimension file extension crash fixed
  • Scale details dialog now handling escape key correctly (i.e. close dialog)

Dimension 7.0-2 Minor Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with trial emulation modes
  • Fixed WorkZones Fix Gaps crash
  • 246
  • 19-Jul-2021