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Release 6.0-1 Major Release

Version 6.0-1 Major Release includes the following enhancements & bug fixes

Major Changes

Database updates to accommodate the new Bridge utility application: Dimension Trace Utility

  • Dimension 6.0-1 is a compatibility release for Bridge 2.19
    Bridge 2.19 REQUIRES Dimension 6.0-1 as a minimum version for compatibility and will not run if a prior version of Dimension is installed
  • This version includes changes to the IMPORT STANDARDS function in coordination with the new (Bridge) Dimension Trace Utility
    The Import function has been modified to add update capability.
    If the Dimension Trace Utility outputs Standards (Traces/Extensions/etc.) that already exist in Dimension, those records will be UPDATED during the import with the most current attributes from the utility records.In this way, the Trace Utility can also be used as a method to update Dimension Standards with Sage Estimating database changes
  • Various Dimension field sizes have been modified to accommodate the Sage field sizes
    This has resulted in Dimension requiring a database conversion
    • Standalone installations (not using Client/Server)If your Dimension database files are on the same physical computer as the Dimension program files, then simply install Dimension 6.0.Dimension will notify you at startup that a database conversion is required and then automatically perform the conversion process.If you have placed your database files on a separate computer (LAN/Network Share), you should run the Conversion Utility BEFORE installing Dimension 6.0 since it will convert the database files much more quickly.See these instructions:eTakeoffLANDataFiles6.0UpgradeETKO.pdf
    • Client/Server Installations
      If you are using client/server, you should run the Conversion Utility BEFORE installing Dimension 6.0.See these instructions: eTakeoffClientServer6.0UpgradeETKO.pdf
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  • 03-Apr-2020