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Release 5.6-29

Dimension Version 5.6-29 (Released 5/23/2017)

New PDF Library

We have updated to a new PDF library. The new library is faster and handles many PDF files that weren’t handled by the old library.

Extension Variable Enhancements

There are a number of enhancements to editing the extension variable values for measurements:

  • When you have multiple measurements using the same extension, you can edit them all at once, changing some variables while leaving others with the original values for each measurement. This can be done using multi-select in the drawing window or by selecting multiple rows in the measurement list.
  • Previously the tool tip was only displayed when you hovered over a variable. Now there’s a checkbox to always display it.
  • For Project Default Variable values, there’s an option to apply the values to existing measurements – either all defaults or individual defaults.

Import from Zip Files

You can create a new project by selecting a zip file just as you would select a project folder. You can also import drawings from a zip file for existing projects.

Trace Option to Show Segment Lengths

There’s now an option in the trace properties to display the length of each line segment (the distance from point 1 to point 2, from point 2 to point 3, etc.).

Minor Enhancements

  • You can now navigate to named views in the extra drawing window.
  • In the drawing list window, you can select drawings and move them to another folder
  • When editing standard traces, there’s an optional hint window to warn you when you have an empty trace tree branch. Empty branches are deleted when you exit trace editing.
  • The tool tip display in the Pattern Search control in the control panel has been improved.
  • Polar Mode snapping has been improved. Rather than moving the cursor as it used to do, it displays an indicator of where the snapped point will be. It only snaps if you’re within a reasonable distance of the snap point.
  • In extension formulas, the variable “UncountedPts” now provides the number of uncounted points in a measurement. 
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  • 20-Dec-2017