CTree Error 14 opening ~\Dimension50ProjData.ctr

Error Code Explanation: 

File appears corrupt at open. This occurs if a file is updated and the disk protocol is set at NOTFORCE and CloseIFile() is not executed.

Files have been updated but not properly closed; they were not processed by automatic recovery so they are in an unknown (inconsistent) state.

If eTakeoff Dimension is acting improperly, it could be due to the fact that the database files, Dimension50ProjData.ctr & Dimension50StdsData.ctr, have become corrupt.

To clean the files up, perform the steps below.

  • Open Dimension and detmine the location of the Database folder
  • Ribbon Bar: Click on File / Help / About the Application
    • OR
  • Classic Toolbar: Click on Help / About Application

  • Make sure everyone is out of Dimension if this is a Client Server Environment
  • Copy the CTree utility “C:\Program Files (x86)\eTakeoff\RView\ctscmp.exe” to the database folder
  • Make a copy of the database files, Dimension50ProjData.ctr & Dimension50StdsData.ctr
  • Run the command shell, "cmd"
  • Navigate to the Database folder
  • Run the utility on both database files
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension50ProjData.ctr
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension50StdsData.ctr
  • 180
  • 19-Oct-2017