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Easy Trace Creation

Traces define the colors and other characteristics used to display measurements. The Easy Trace Creation/Edit Window is used to easily edit a subset of the properties of a measurement trace and (optionally) create a matching standard trace. This window is most useful when initially building a library of standard traces.

To quickly build area, count, length, or perimeter traces, follow the procedure below.

  • Click on the Home Tab
  • Click on the Area, Count, Length or Perimeter button 

 The Easy Trace Creation/Edit window will pop up

  • Change the Trace Name to a unique name
  • Click on the Color buttons to change the colors of your trace
  • Click on the "Save as Standard Trace" box if you want to save your changes as a Standard Trace.
  • Click on the "Display this window when starting new measurements" box if you want the Easy Trace Creation window to pop up each time you double click on the button to measure.

To invoke the easy trace creator for an existing standard trace,

  • Double click on a trace in the Trace List 
  • Press "z" and the  Easy Trace Creation/Edit window will pop up
  • Repeat the steps above to customize your new custom trace

For more information about the Easy trace creator, click on the link below.

Easy Trace Creation

Click on the link below to learn more detailed information about creating custom traces. 

Creating Custom Traces Documentation

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  • 08-Apr-2022