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Work Breakdowns (WBS) Overview

Work breakdowns can be used to add attributes such as part numbers, location, etc. to measurements. An unlimited number of work breakdown categories can be defined (part number, location, etc.). Values for each category can then be applied to measurements and filtered for display during takeoff.

Work breakdown features include:

  • Work breakdown categories can be added, edited and deleted.
  • Global and/or project-specific defaults values can be defined.
  • Values can be set for standard traces. New measurements using the standard traces are then are initialized with the trace’s values.
  • Measurement breakdown values can be set for single or multiple measurements in the drawing window using a control panel control.
  • Categories can be displayed as columns in the measurement list and values can be edited.
  • Measurements displayed in the drawing window can be filtered by category value (Premier only).

Work Breakdowns(WBS) Video

Click on the links below for the online Work Breakdowns documentation.

Work Breakdowns Overview documentation

Filtering Work Breakdowns

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