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Release 5.5-35

Enhancements and Fixes in version 5.5-35 (Released 11/8/2016)

  • In the control panel filtering, you can now either show or hide filtered measurements.
  • You can now easily rename multiple drawing in the main window.
  • Control panel Work Breakdown filtering is now available to Advanced users.
  • In the Drawing tab of the ribbon bar, the Batch Import button is hidden by default. (There’s a user preference under the Look tab to show it.)
  • When doing batch backup, there’s now an option to create individual folders for each project. This is useful when moving projects from one computer to another.
  • Fixed bug that caused zero quantities in the measurement list after editing traces, WBS values or extension values.
  • When saving measurement list column configuration, all display settings are saved (sorting, settings, etc.).
  • 109
  • 14-Nov-2016