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Import UDA Construction Suite data

Typically, to get a Quantity Worksheet started, you can select a template from UDA with all of the cost codes included and "Export the template to eTakeoff". Next, open a Quantity Worksheet in eTakeoff. Right click on the Project Folder and select  Construction Suite / Import Template.

NOTE: UDA supports only 3 levels of hierarchy.

Modify the properties of the items of the QWAssign each item a trace and extension to tailor your database.

Export project data to UDATo be able to export your project data to UDA, you'll need to open the Quantity Worksheet of the project. Right click on the Project Folder, select "Construction Suite / Save Project as Template". This will download all data to an Excel spreadsheet in the UDA format.

Next, open UDA and import the spreadsheet into UDA.

Click on the links below for an overview video of the Quantity Worksheet and the documentation for the Quantity Worksheet.

Quantity Worksheet Overview

Using the Quantity Worksheet Help

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