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Keyboard Shortcuts

eTakeoff Dimension comes configured with pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. While hovering your mouse over a ribbon bar button, the pre-defined shortcut will be displayed next to the button name. Click here for a full list of shortcut keys.

You may want to assign your own shortcut keys. eTakeoff Dimension allows this. Click the Customize button on the Quick Access Toolbar then select "Customize Quick Access Toolbar". The Options window will be displayed.Click the "Customize..." button to assign shortcut keys.

Use the "Category" list to select the Tab which contains the button you wish to add a shortcut for. Select the Button from the "Commands" list and click in the "Press new shortcut key: field. Press any key on the keyboard and then press the "Assign" button. Your new shortcut key is now ready to be used.

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  • 05-Feb-2021