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Download Drawings from Dodge Planroom
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Please see instructions below to download plans from the Dodge planroom.

  • In the Dodge planroom, navigate to a project of interest and click on the Plans tab of the project.
  • Click on the Actions pulldown menu and click on the Download eTakeoff File.
  • If you are prompted to "Open" files, click on Open.
  • eTakeoff will automatically launch and display the selected drawing or the first drawing in the list.


To Download Multiple Drawings to your computer:

  • Click the "Planroom" Tab then select "Download Multiple Drawings"
  • If you have not already created a project for this Dodge project, the “New Project Information” window will be displayed

Complete the other project information and click on the “Finish button.


The “Download from Planroom” window will be displayed showing a list of plans available for download. (If you do not see a list of plans to download, click on the “Add” button.)

  • All plans that have not been downloaded to your computer will be displayed
  • Check any / all plans you want to download. Use Shift+Click to select a range
  • Click OK and Dimension will download the plans selected. You can click on “Hide” so that the plans will continue to be downloaded in the background while you view plans and take measurements.
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