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Clean up Corrupt Dimension Database files version 8.0 and above
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If eTakeoff Dimension is acting improperly, it could be due to the fact that the database files, Dimension80ProjData.ctr & Dimension80StdsData.ctr, have become corrupt.

To clean the files up, perform the steps below.

Client Server Environment:

  1. Make sure all users exit out of Dimension 
  2. On the server, navigate to the C:\Faircom\eTkoServer folder
  3. Proceed to "Run DBUtil.exe".

Stand-alone computer

  1. Exit out of Dimension
  2. Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\eTakeoff\RView folder
  3. Proceed to "Run DBUtil.exe".

Run DBUtil.exe

  1. Double click on the file, eTkoDBUtil.exe
  2. Click on the Compact/Fixup Tab
  3. Click on the Start

On a regular basis, we recommend the following:

  • Advise all users to exit out of eTakeoff Dimension before leaving for the evening. That way, if the server shuts down unexpectedly (like a power outage), the database files won't be open and will be less likely to get corrupted.
  • When the server is shut down improperly, re-index the database files by following the instructions in this article even if the data is not acting properly.
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