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Bridge Version 2.15

Recent Enhancements 02.15

  • This version of Bridge is now compatible with Pervasive 16.1 REV 5. REV 5 is a newly released version of Pervasive 16.1 and is required for Bridge compatibility. Also, Pervasive 16.1 Rev 5 requires implementing Sage Hotfix 1. Sage Knowledge Base article KB 80459 contains instructions to install the Hotfix. This MUST be implemented in version 16.1 REV 5 before installing the new Bridge version. This LINK will take you to the Sage Hotfix KB article with instructions on how to implement the Hotfix.
  • Bridge now also integrates with Sage SQL Estimating
  • WBS codes and the CREATED BY user ID (Estimator) can now be mapped and transferred for each measurement from Dimension to Sage Estimating.
  • When Bridge was terminated, it would reopen to the last Mode used. However, if you terminated while in Review or Auto mode, reopening may be delayed for large takeoff or estimates as Bridge loads those takeoff/estimate details. Now, after termination, Bridge will quickly reopen in MANUAL mode, allowing you to select Auto or Review if desired.
  • Multi-Licensing support has been added to Bridge. This will make it much easier to license multiple eTakeoff products.
  • Assembly Name and Notes can be changed in Review Mode to update Estimate
  • Sage Location and WBS codes are now automatically truncated. The Location and WBS code fields in Sage are limited to 15 & 20 character lengths. In prior versions, if these values were too long as entered in Dimension, Bridge would flag these fields as errors and require the user to go back to Dimension to correct the original entry. Now Bridge will truncate the fields to the maximum Sage allowed field length and display a warning message.
  • The Clear Assignment Counts option on the FILE/HISTORY page has been modified to accommodate the way Navisworks manages Takeoff Projects. Previously, when selecting this option, Bridge would allow you to clear the assignment count in the current Dimension 2D Takeoff project. It also provided a list of all the other Takeoff projects enabling you to clear those assignment counts as well. With the introduction of the new Navisworks BIM/3D Integrator, this option is only available when a Bridge is loaded and will immediately clear the assignment counts for the CURRENTLY OPEN bridge. When creating a new bridge, if the associated Takeoff Project has existing assignment counts, you will be offered the option to clear those counts at that time. Note that when clearing the assignment counts, the associated Takeoff program will start if it is not currently running.
  • A new capability has been added to Bridge to allow deleting Passes/Assignments AFTER they have been sent to the estimate. At this time this feature is only applicable to Dimension takeoff and will only apply to NEW measurements created after this update is installed. Prior to this enhancement, if you had sent an assignment to the estimate and wanted to later “undo” that, you would have to manually make the necessary changes in the estimate. Now, while in Review Mode, the DELETE PASS button is now active. You can delete individual passes with each click of the button, or hold the CTRL key down and delete ALL the passes. There is a new tooltip describing this when you hover the cursor over the Delete Pass button. The passes/assignments will be completely deleted from the estimate, and the associated measurements in Takeoff will once again appear as NOT having been assigned.
  • The Bridge Installation Program has been modified.
    • The Bridge Install will now allow UPDATING the existing installation. You no longer have to uninstall and reinstall the new Bridge version. Simply run the Bridge install program on top of the current installed version. Note however, if you update SAGE Estimating, you still are required to Uninstall Bridge before applying the Sage update, Reinstall Bridge after the Sage update is completed.
    • The Installation Program now allows specifying the Program location. Bridge used to default the program location to the C: drive. You can now specify the program location during installation.
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