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Drawings don't appear on 2nd Monitor
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There is a Graphics Bug occurring on a 2nd monitor in Windows after installing August 2017 Security Updates.


eTakeoff clients have reported that when they drag Dimension to a 2nd monitor, the following issues may occur:

  • They see an empty background with missing foreground graphics 
  • The drawings don't appear in the screen; just the takeoff 

The link below explains the 

  • Symptoms of the problem
  • What triggers the problems
  • Workarounds
  • Technical background

Graphics Bug in Windows after August 2017 Update


To determine if your computer was updated with this bad patch, run the attached file, BadPatchCheck.exe, from the command shell. IF the batch file returns, "PATCH FOUND", see the below list of workarounds (explained in the link above).


These workarounds exist:

  1. Upgrade to Windows 10 / Server 2012
  2. Uninstall KB4034664 / KB4034679 patches from the system
  3. Log on with a user that is a full local administrator
  4. Only use the application on the main monitor, not a secondary monitor
  5. Arrange the monitors such that no part of a monitor has negative screen coordinates. (See details in Graphics Bug link above.)
  6. Install the MS update to the bad patch : Fix for KB4039884
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