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Roll Dimension Back to Version 5.6-57

June 18, 2018


Due to issues with Dimension version 5.06-63 integration of the eTakeoff Bridge product, you can roll your Dimension version back to version 5.06-57 by following the steps below.

NOTE that the Dimension Installer retains prior versions in the Windows Program Uninstall Dialog.  For example, the listing in the Programs and Features Window may look like this:

With various Upgrades prior to 5.6-63, you will need to uninstall the highest version backwards to the prior version of 5.6-57.

In the above example, you would  perform the steps below in that order.

If the Listing does NOT contain prior upgrades but just lists 5.6-63 as the latest version, uninstall Dimension 5.6-63 and then click on the link below for the NEW INSTALL of 5.6-57.

Dimension NEW Version 5.06-57

WARNING : If you want to clean up all previous versions of Dimension, do NOT uninstall versions 5.06-29 and below without making a back up of your project / data folders and files first.

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  • 18-Jun-2018