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Clean up Corrupt Dimension Database files

If eTakeoff Dimension is acting improperly, it could be due to the fact that the database files, Dimension60ProjData.ctr & Dimension60StdsData.ctr, have become corrupt.

To clean the files up, perform the steps below.

  • Open Dimension on a user's computer and determine the location of the Database folder
  • Ribbon Bar: Click on File / Help / About the Application
    • OR
  • Classic Toolbar: Click on Help / About Application

  • If this is a Client Server Environment:
  •    Make sure all users exit out of Dimension
  •    Stop the ctsrvr.exe process by doing the following:
  •       1. Navigate to the C:\Faircom\eTkoServer folder on the  server.
  •       2. Right-click on the ctstop.exe file and select "Run as Administrator".
  •       3. Administrator User ID : ADMIN
  •           Administrator Password: ADMIN (is the default)
  •           Server Name: ETKOSRVR
  • Click on the link below to download the CTree utility program, ctscmp.exe to the database folder.
  • Download ctscmp.exe
  • Make a copy of the database files, Dimension60ProjData.ctr & Dimension60StdsData.ctr
  • Run the command shell, "cmd"
  • Navigate to the Database folder
  • Run the utility on both database files
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension60ProjData.ctr
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension60StdsData.ctr
  • If this is a Client Server Environment, restart the client/server, C:\Faircom\eTkoServer\ctsrvr.exe

On a regular basis, we recommend the following:

  • Advise all users to exit out of eTakeoff Dimension before leaving for the evening. That way, if the server shuts down unexpectedly (like a power outage), the database files won't be open and will be less likely to get corrupted.
  • When the server is shut down improperly, re-index the database files by following the instructions in this article even if the data is not acting properly.
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  • 05-Feb-2020