Clean up Corrupt Database files

If eTakeoff Dimension is acting improperly, it could be due to the fact that the database files, Dimension50ProjData.ctr & Dimension50StdsData.ctr, have become corrupt.

To clean the files up, perform the steps below.

  • Open Dimension and detmine the location of the Database folder
  • Ribbon Bar: Click on File / Help / About the Application
    • OR
  • Classic Toolbar: Click on Help / About Application

  • Make sure everyone is out of Dimension if this is a Client Server Environment
  • Copy the CTree utility “C:\Program Files (x86)\eTakeoff\RView\ctscmp.exe” to the database folder
  • Make a copy of the database files, Dimension50ProjData.ctr & Dimension50StdsData.ctr
  • Run the command shell, "cmd"
  • Navigate to the Database folder
  • Run the utility on both database files
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension50ProjData.ctr
    • ctscmp.exe Dimension50StdsData.ctr
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  • 27-Mar-2017