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Adjust trace line widths for printer resolution

To print your take off lines thicker, do the following:

  • Ribbon Bar: Click on Settings / User Preferences / Printing
    • OR
  • Classic Toolbar : Click on Admin / User Preferences / Printing


Adjust trace line widths for printer resolution -  If this box is checked, Line widths for traces will be adjusted to be the approximately the same size as they appear on the screen. Computer screens typically have a resolution of 50 to 100 dots per inch. Printers have resolutions of up to 1200 dots per inch. So a line that was one dot wide on the screen would be adjusted to be 5 to 20 dots wide when printed. Line width adjustment will also be done when traces are printed as icons in the Legend, the Measurement List and the Quantity Worksheet.

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  • 01-Mar-2017