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Uninstall Previous Versions of eTakeoff Dimension
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If you want to clean up your system by uninstalling previous versions of eTakeoff, you’ll need to uninstall all versions, then re-install the latest version. Follow the procedures below.  

NOTE: Although uninstalling eTakeoff Dimension does not remove any data, we recommend that you backup your Dimension data base files before you proceed. To lok up where your database files are located, do the following:

  • Open Dimension
  • Ribbon Bar - Click on File/Help/About the Application
    • OR
  • Classic Toolbar - Click on Help/About Application
  • Navigate to the Dimension Database Folder
  • Copy all files that end with .ctr (ie: Dimension50ProjData.ctr & Dimension50Stds.ctr)


Uninstall All versions of Dimension, then reinstall the latest version

  • Uninstall the highest # version first.
  • Continue to uninstall each version by highest # to lowest #.
  • Re-install latest version by clicking on the link below.
  • Download eTakeoff Dimension 
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