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Set Defaults for Trace Templates with Extensions

The easiest way to set defaults for your templates with extensions is to utilize the Favorites Control in a control panel. If you add the "Favorites" Control to one of your control panels, you can take off your first trace, enter in the appropriate dimensions and answers, and press the "S" key to select the measurement. Left click on the measurement and drag it over to the Projects Favorites section. Once the measurement is in your Projects Favorites section, you can double click on the "Favorite" trace and use it to take off traces with the same properties without having to re-enter the information.

To add the Favorites Control to a control panel, click on the down arrow of the any of the displayed controls and select Favorites from the drop down list.

See example of a 2x4 Wall where wall height, number of sides of wall and sheet size are entered and can be re-used in the favorite created below.

Please click on the link below for more information on Favorites.

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  • 01-Feb-2017